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About Us

Akama Lifestyle is all about luxury and exotic travel experiences. Whether you want to cruise behind the wheel or a backseat, steer the sails or fly high in private jets, we’ve got you covered.

We are a leading company in Houston, offering our clients a luxurious and dynamic experience. Whether you want to steer an extravagant vehicle yourself, or you require chauffeured services, we have some of the most alluring vehicles for any ultimate extravagances. You can also taste sensational maritime opulence, or ultimately calm & relaxing airtime with the royal treatment when you choose Akama Lifestyle - an absolute high-end way of life.

We value our clients and believe in building trustworthy relationships. When you are Akama’s client, you are entitled to happiness and satisfaction. We want to provide you with the best customer care services. Contact us today and let our highly experienced customer care representative help you customize your incredible experience.
Rent an RV or Camper Van
And Travel Anytime, Anywhere
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  • Great Service Experience
  • Quick Roadside Assistance
  • Affordable & Discounts
  • Insuranced Vehicles
  • Relax & Enjoy Holidays
  • Wonderful Sleeping Area