Akama Lifestyle Is All About Luxury and Exotic Experiences

Akama Experience

We are a premier company in Houston, Texas, providing clients a luxurious and dynamic experience. Whether you want to drive an attractive vehicle yourself, or want to be chauffeured, we have some of the most charming automobiles for ultimate opulence. You can also experience incredible maritime indulgence, or ultimately comfortable airtime with royal treatment when you opt for Akama Lifestyle - absolute high-end lifestyle.

We value our clients and believe in building trustworthy relationships. That is why we are extremely conscious about meeting all the needs of our clients and providing them satisfactory services in all aspects of our business. Your happiness and satisfaction are our prerogatives and we want to provide you with nothing but the best when it comes to customer care services. Contact us today to find out more and our highly professional customer care officer will promptly guide you.

Akama Track Experience

Akama lifestyle is the only company that offers the complete track VIP experience. Here you can track one of our exclusive exotic cars on one of the most technical tracks in Texas MSR. From the first moment you get to our shop, you will be treated like a VIP. You will be chauffeur from our facility to the MSR track where the car of your choice will be waiting for you. When you arrive at the track you will go straight to the CIP suite we will be ready to welcome you, Safety is our priority, so you will have a private safety talk with our instructor, (professional race car driver with a lot of experience) that will guide you and will ride and guide you through the whole experience. With its 17 turns, the 2.38-mile (3.83-kilometer) 40-foot (12.2 meters) wide track combines a balance of slow, medium, and high-speed corners that makes a very fun track to drive. Depending on the package you will have 3 or 4 sessions on one of our amazing exotics cars each session lasts for 20 min. You will have sports drinks, energy drinks, soft drinks, and water available at the suite when you have your break while talking to your coach. After an exciting day of being a professional race car driver, you will be chauffeur to Akama Lifestyle headquarters. You can choose from our extensive variety of exotics and the number of sessions on track

Tier 1

3 sesions $4,500.00
4 sessions $5,000.00

Mclaren 570s

Lamborghini Huracan

Audi R8

Corvette C8


3 sessions $5,500.00
4 sessions $6,200.00

Porsche GT3 RS

Ferrari 488

Mclaren 600 lt


3 sessions $7,000.00
4 sessions $7,800.00

Mclaren 720

Lamborghini Aventador

We can design a full 2-day experience traveling, hotel, and track. You can get your personalized helmet and safety gear. Let us help you to accomplish your dream of being a professional race car driver for a day.

Note,- The experience will depend on track availability. We need at least a 3-day notice to prepare your experience. Each experience includes a Limited Edition Tshirt and hat, video on your experience.