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Akama Yachts

Discover a glorious and most comfortable maritime experience on Akama Yachts. We customize all events and excursions to our clients’ requirements and desires. Whether you just want to relax and unwind alone or with someone, watch a mesmerizing sunset, or have a romantic dinner with your loved one, all our services are tailor-made. A striking yacht is perfect for holding personal events like engagements, weddings, and other celebrations in your life. A leisurely yacht provides the perfect setting for an all-girls or all-boys party. Whatever your dream excursion is, we will tailor it as per your needs.

From the moment you come aboard, our crew will see to it that you are catered to with the best possible service personalized to perfection the way you desire it. Our highly-professional crew is trained not to leave any stone unturned for when you opt for our prestigious yacht rentals. Customize your own itinerary from food, wine, and the music you enjoy.